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Employment practices liability insurance, or EPLI, in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a policy that protects employers from lawsuits raised primarily by employees but may also cover suits from customers, vendors, and business partners. EPLI policies cover claims such as wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Costs associated with legal fees for employment-related lawsuits are extreme, and unfortunately, employers do not need to be in the wrong to get sued. According to the 2017 Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits, 76% of cases were unfounded, resulting in no payout. Still, the average case takes 318 days to resolve, costing an average of $160,000. EPL insurance covers the financial cost of legal fees and damages resulting from the claim, whether the claim was substantiated or not.

Although your risk of employee-related lawsuits increases with the number of employees you hire, it is not solely a concern for companies that employ large numbers of workers. Anyone who houses employees at all is at risk of being sued. Finding the right insurance can be difficult for employers. At Barber Insurance, we understand how critical fair and affordable EPLI policies are when you must protect your company from financial loss and a tarnished reputation.

Don’t let the similarity of these two policy names fool you. Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) and Employer Liability Insurance (ELI) are different. ELI is a policy designed to protect a company from the legal repercussions of physical injuries sustained by employees while on duty. It is similar to workers’ compensation except that it covers the legal consequences if the employee sues the company. EPLI, on the other hand, protects employers from employment-related lawsuits such as wrongful termination or discrimination. North Carolina does not legally require EPLI; however, it is highly recommended in order to protect your company from employment-related litigation.

If you are looking for employment practice liability coverage in Raleigh-Durham, NC, it is essential that you find someone you can trust. Trustworthy agencies ensure that you receive the protection you need. No insurance agency comes more highly recommended in Raleigh than Barber Insurance, so give us a call today to set up your free consultation with an expert.

Coverage and Employment Practices Liability Insurance in Raleigh, NC

Ensure You’re Protection with Barber Insurance’s Comprehensive EPLI

We dedicate ourselves to helping employers protect themselves, which is why we tailor employment liability insurance to your specific needs. While coverage may vary, there are certain situations for which all businesses must be watching. The most common claims we find at Barber Insurance include,

  • Racial Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Family and Medical Leave Act Violation
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful Discipline or Termination
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment

Additionally, we also protect against lawsuits concerning wage and overtime calculations or job classifications.

Furthermore, our policies go beyond legal coverage. Your policy may also include provisions for employment counseling, employment training, and damage awards for injured parties. This is by no means a comprehensive list of EPLI  coverage. It is best to speak with an agent directly to get the most precise picture of how employment practices liability insurance can protect you.

While EPLI coverage goes far to protect a business from employee-related lawsuits, the best way to protect your financial assets is through education and training.

When it comes to EPLI in Raleigh, North Carolina, the price you pay heavily depends on various factors. Businesses with fewer employees and risk factors will have smaller premiums than larger companies. Aside from the size of your business and the number of employees, factors may include past employment claims history, risk management practices, industry, and any other employment-related exposures. Additionally, policies have varying degrees of coverage and include a deductible that the company agrees to pay in case of a claim. Less coverage usually means a lower premium. However, plans with low deductibles will often pay more than those that are higher. Insurance companies will reward you for taking on more financial risk by lowering your monthly payments.

To obtain a Barber Insurance EPLI policy, we require a detailed assessment of employer practices. In this way, we can better understand the risks associated with your business. Understanding your company’s difficulties allows us to determine what needs covering and how much it will take to protect your business. Get started on the process today by calling an EPLI expert at Barber Insurance and setting up your consultation.

Comprehensive and Reliable Employee Practices Insurance Policies

Barber Insurance: 23 Years of Insurance Excellence

When it comes to employment practices liability insurance in Raleigh, North Carolina, there is no agency better suited to fit your insurance needs than Barber Insurance. Our team of dedicated experts has been providing reliable service to the Wake County community for more than 15 years. We have earned a reputation for experience, knowledge, and helpful hands by ensuring that our partners’ needs get met and that they understand their policies.

Whether you are just starting or have an established business, Barber Insurance can meet your insurance needs at an affordable rate. We understand employment practices fully. With our team, you always get customized service and accurate advice on everything insurance-related. We want to be your go-to resource in the Raleigh-Durham area for all things insurance. We will ensure you get the best coverage at the best price. Connect with one of our experts today to set up your complimentary consultation and find out what it is like to have employment practice liability coverage from the best insurance agency in North Carolina.

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