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The Basics of Home Insurance Policies

Key Takeaways for Owning a Home and Protecting its Value

The coverages offered by home insurance policies in Raleigh, North Carolina, vary based on specific needs and circumstances. At the bare minimum, they cover interior and exterior damages to your home, loss or theft of possessions, and personal liability for harm to others. Every policy is different. Coverage will depend on what items you have, the condition of your home, and its claim history. Familiarize yourself with your policy details to ensure that your home insurance policy adequately provides coverage.

As a homeowner, you are not legally required to purchase home liability insurance. However, finding a mortgage company willing to give you a loan is difficult without proof of coverage. It is also a common lease requirement for rented homes. In either case, homeowners insurance policies are a better safe than sorry situation. Home repairs add up fast, and it is always good to have the assurance that the financial burden will not rest on your shoulders alone.

Policies We Offer

Homeowners Insurance

Know What You are Covering

What Is and Is Not Covered by Most Home Insurance Policies

Most home insurance policies in Raleigh, NC, are particular about what they do and do not cover. However, it depends on your policy type. All risk policies cover anything not explicitly barred in the contract. Therefore, they tend to cover a wide range of scenarios that are a risk to your home. Conversely, named peril policies only cover events explicitly outlined in your policy. This type of coverage is likely to be highly specific and only pertain to a few scenarios. For either one, it is important to know without a doubt what is and is not covered.

Risks and perils pertain heavily to where you live. For example, hurricane damage is likely to be excluded from your policy if you live on the coast and you will need a rider specifically for that peril. Similar to named policies, riders are individual insurance agreements that customize a contract to your specific needs. Talking to your Barber Insurance agent is the only way to be 100% certain about your policy coverage.

While exclusions may vary from place to place, there are events commonly excluded from home insurance agreements that can extend coverage to your policy at an additional rate. Here is a short list of risks and perils widely excluded from homeowners liability insurance. 

  • Flooding
  • Earthquakes
  • Mold
  • Termite Damage
  • Wear and Tear

Renters Insurance

Everything You Need to Feel Comfortable in Your Unit

Renters Insurance for the Modern Age

Most people realize that you need home insurance if you own your residence. It is worth clarifying why renters need an insurance policy. While the proprietor will have dwelling insurance on the building, it does not cover injuries to guests or any damages or thefts that occur inside your unit. More and more, landlords and leasing agencies are requiring renters to purchase lease insurance policies.

Acquiring renters insurance is not difficult and may, in fact, be the easiest and least expensive kind of home insurance policy to obtain. Furthermore, the investment is wise because, while you can care for your own unit, you cannot control your neighbors. There are unlimited ways their actions could affect your dwelling; the last thing you want is to have to foot the bill for their ineptitude.

Confidence that your rental property will be covered if anything happens outside your control is a peaceful feeling. Barber Insurance wants to help you feel safe in any way we can. Speak with one of our agents today, and we will show you how having our agency in your back pocket is sure to help you feel safer in your space.

Mobile & Manufactured Home Insurance

Finding the Right Coverage

Insurance Policies for Mobile and Manufactured Homes

Mobile and manufactured homes are different from other types of residents; therefore, they require slightly different coverage. They are built in factories instead of on construction sites like traditional homes and have fewer safety requirements. However, there are also slight variations between mobile and manufactured structures themselves. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, mobile home is a term reserved for structures built pre-1976 when the federal law enacted stricter safety standards. From 1976 on, they have been called manufactured homes.

Mobile and manufactured home insurance policies vary from other assurance plans, and each other, because of the differences and safety regulations. Similar to traditional home coverage, mobile and manufactured homes may not have coverage for flooding, earthquakes, wear and tear, or animal infestations. However, there are three main components to their policies that are covered.

  • Dwelling coverage protects the structure of your home. Things like fire and lightning, wind and hail, or explosions fall in this category.
  • Personal property coverage pays to repair or replace your stolen or damaged items.
  • Personal liability insurance pays if a visitor is hurt or causes damage to your property. It will also pay if someone tries to sue you for injury or damage.

Landlord Dwelling Insurance

Earn Extra Income with Peace of Mind Coverage

Landlord Dwelling Insurance in Raleigh, North Carolina

Landlord dwelling insurance is coverage for individuals renting out a home or units in an apartment building. Residents of Raleigh, North Carolina, are not required by law to carry dwelling insurance. Still, it is a good idea even if you enforce renters insurance from your tenants.

Most policies include property and liability coverage. It protects your investment and financial security. Property coverage protects the dwelling site from fire, lightning, and hail, among other things specifically laid out in the policy. It may also cover removed structures associated with your property or personal equipment used to maintain it. The other important piece of coverage is liability protection. The agency will protect you from financial liability if you are sued and found responsible for the injury of an individual in your structure.

As with other insurance policies, you can add riders to extend your coverage and make it more personal. Be sure to contact your agent to get the latest on available riders and discounts for landlords.

Home Insurance Add-ons That Extend Your Properties Coverage

All of Your Essential Coverage Needs in One Place

Home insurance, whether you own the home or not, covers primary risks and perils, but it is nowhere close to all-encompassing. For example, policies for homes near the coast typically do not cover flooding or hurricane damage.

Looking closely at your policy is the first step toward proper coverage, but you may find that you’re lacking in the areas you need most. That’s where a rider comes in. Riders are policy add-ons used to extend your assurance coverage.

Below are some common riders used to amend home insurance policies.

  • Lawn & Garden riders can protect your investments in your landscaping.
  • Flood or Earthquake rider: If your home is in an area prone to natural disasters, add extra coverage for that specific scenario.
  • Jewelry or Specialty Item Riders: Most policies will cover your personal items to a certain extent, but if you have several pieces of high-dollar jewelry or equipment, you may need more.
  • Accidental Loss Coverage can also provide added protection if you lose something meaningful outside the home.

There are as many policy riders as there are insurance needs. The only way to ensure your protection is by staying current with a trusted home insurance company. Call a Barber Insurance agent today and learn more about your options.

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This customer-first approach is how we have been able to serve Wake county for more than 20 years. We listen and focus on accurately meeting the insurer’s individual needs so that you never feel alone in this journey.

Finding the right insurance for everything you need is complicated, but it does not have to be. We are native to Raleigh, North Carolina, making us distinctly aware of your insurance needs. So call us today for a free quote and let one of our experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful agents assure you and your home.